Follow these tips for a vacation free of an asthma emergency:

  1. Be sure to take enough medications with you.  Refill your prescriptions before leaving on vacation.
  2. Pack all of your medications in one separate box or bag.  Make it easy to carry and be able to identify it easily and quickly.
  3. Pack your insurance cards.
  4. Know where the hospitals are in your vacation area.
  5. Write out a list of all your medications with doses and times when taken.  Carry this list with you.
  6. Write a list of all your allergies:  foods, insects, drugs, etc.  Carry this list with you.
  7. Continue to try to avoid the same allergens you avoid at home.  Ask for no smoking hotel rooms.  If you are staying at a friend’s house, call ahead to discuss your allergies.  If your friend has a pet to which you are allergic, stay in a hotel.  Just removing the animal from the home during your stay will not remove the dander from the house.
  8. Be sure to get enough rest and increase your fluid intake.
  9. Do not forget to take your medications regularly, even though your normal schedule will be disrupted.
  10. Be sure to take enough nebulizer supplies, if one is used.  Pack your compressor and supplies in one bag.  Be sure the battery is charged if you have one for your nebulizer and that all cords and other attachments are also packed.
  11. Not all hospitals/physicians treat acute asthma episodes the same.  Many emergency rooms are not equipped to care for asthma.  If you go to an emergency room, do not expect them to treat you the same as your  Asthma & Allergy Center  doctor.  Be sure to take your medication and allergy lists with you.  Feel free to offer information about treatment that has worked well for you previously.  Be sure to ask questions.  You or the Emergency Room physician can call our office for information about your treatment and care.

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