Cold, Influenza, Pneumonia or Sinusitis

Symptoms Cold Influenza Pneumonia Sinus Infection
Fever Rare Characteristic high (100.4-104 °F).  Sudden onset lasts 3-4 days. May or may not be high. Rare
Headache Occasional Prominent Occasional Prominent, with pressure in the face
General aches/pains Slight Usual; often quite severe.   Extreme; can last up to a month Occasional Occasional
Fatigue and weakness Quite mild May occur early and with prominence May occur depending on type Not characteristic
Exhaustion Never Sometimes May occur depending on type Not characteristic
Runny, stuffy nose Common Sometimes Not characteristic Postnasal drip, green or gray discharge and congestion
Sneezing Usual Sometimes Not characteristic Sometimes
Sore throat Common Can become severe Not characteristic Not characteristic
Chest discomfort, cough Mild to moderate hacking cough Severe Frequent and may be severe Mild to moderate
Complications Sinus and ear infection Bronchitis, pneumonia, can be life-threatening Widespread infections of other organs; can be life threatening, especially in elderly or debilitated patients. Can be triggered by allergies or develop after a cold

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