Environemental Controls


  • Encase mattress, pillow
  • Wash all bedding in hot water every week
  • Avoid wool and down blankets and comforters
  • Remove all carpeting from bedroom
  • Cover hot air vents with filters or cheesecloth
  • Remove heavy curtains
  • Substitute wooden, plastic, vinyl, leather, or cloth furniture for upholstered furniture
  • Use HEPA or electrostatic air cleaners in home
  • Run air conditioners, portable or central, all summer
  • Remove dust collectors in bedroom
  • Freeze, wash, or remove stuffed toys from room
  • Clean drawers, closets, and hard surfaces with a treated cloth
  • Keep closet door shut
  • Wear a fitted facemask during cleaning
  • Use vacuum cleaner with double bags and HEPA exhaust filter
  • Clear under refrigerator frequently
  • Use dehumidifier
  • Keep home relative humidity between 35-50%, use a humidity gauge to check


  • Lower humidity to 35-50%, use humidity gauge to check
  • Use air conditioner all summer
  • Use dehumidifiers in basement and other damp places
  • Change water daily and wash humidifier, if used, with bleach several times a week
  • Limit number of indoor plants
  • Remove foam rubber pillows
  • Use HEPA air cleaners
  • Use exhaust fans in bathroom
  • Remove carpet in bathrooms and basement floors
  • Wash shower curtains, showers, and bathtubs regularly
  • Vent the clothes dryer to outside
  • Cover basement floor with vinyl instead of carpet
  • Use a face mask when cutting grass and raking leaves
  • Correct drainage problems near the house


  • Remove indoor pets
  • Prefer pets such as: tropical fish, snakes, lizards, turtles, salamanders, frogs, and spiders
  • Keep pets out of bedroom
  • Wash pets weekly
  • Vacuum frequently
  • Use a facemask when brushing pet and vacuuming
  • Use HEPA or electrostatic air cleaners
  • Replace furnace filter monthly

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