The home diary (peak flow meter sheet) is an easy and convenient way to keep track of your daily peak flows.  You can also use it to help communicate information when you call your  Asthma & Allergy Center doctor.


To help you start identifying early warning signals and plan for early treatment to avoid acute asthma.


Date the diary in the spaces provided.  As each diary page fills up, move it to the back of the section.  You should begin to see a pattern developing before acute asthma.  Once you begin to recognize early warning signals, a plan for early treatment can be established.  For example, you may notice that you get a stuffy nose several days before you begin to wheeze.

Under the section marked “Medication” you can list the names of your medications and how often you take them.  Put an “X” in the corresponding space for each date and time the medication is given.

Example:  Flovent 2 sprays 2 X/day    (XX)  (XX)

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