Soybean Diet Information

Sensitivity to peanuts (a legume) is more common, but soybean (also a legume) sensitivity is prevalent as well. If a person is sensitive to one legume they could be sensitive to another and some others are navy, kidney, string and pinto beans, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), lentils, and peas.
Soybeans are widely cultivated in the United States and many uses have been found for them in both food and non-food products.  The food products are derived from extensive processing to produce a texture and appearance similar to conventional foods and are readily available in most supermarkets, check labels. READ LABELSto see if there is presence of soy because, ingredients in products may be changed by manufacturers without warning. Also remember to check ingredients in fast foods, like meat and buns.

Breads and Grains breads, rolls, bagels, crackers, waffles, and pancakes NOT containing soy flour or soy milk; most hot cereals (oatmeal), dry cereals NOT containing soy breads, rolls, hamburger and hot-dog buns, crackers, stuffing, pancakes, and waffles WITH soybean flour or milk; processed breakfast cereals; English muffins; granola and natural cereals; grits; cream of wheat
Starches rice; potato; sweet potato; soy-free noodles and pasta; macaroni soy-containing pasta; store bought pasta and rice in sauces; instant potatoes; canned and dry pizza mixes
Vegetables All with exceptions soy sprouts; canned and frozen vegetables in any sauce or breaded (Asian)
Fruits All fruits in commercial baked goods
Milk and milk products Cow’s milk; cheese; yogurt soy milk; coffee substitutes; non-dairy creamers; milk substitutes (like ProSobee, Isomil); soy cheese or yogurt; some processed cheeses
Meat and Meat products beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and fish WITHOUT soy added; eggs; all nuts except soy nuts meat (hamburger) extenders; tofu; veggie burgers, other frozen patties; lunch meats; hot-dogs; sausage; meat loaf; canned tuna in vegetable oil
Fats and Oils butter vegetable oil or sprays; margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing; Crisco
Desserts and Sweets homemade ice cream or candy, pastries, puddings, pies, cakes, doughnuts, frostings made WITHOUT soy; honey; jelly; jam; molasses; sugar non-dairy whipped topping; commercially prepared cakes; dumplings; ice cream; ice cream cones; pies; puddings; pastries; frostings; doughnuts; sauces; cookies; creamy; gelatin desserts; Soya ice cream products; chocolate candy; gelatin, hard, or nut candy; fudge; pancake syrup; chocolate chips; semi-sweet chocolate; caramels
Snack foods popcorn popped with corn or canola oil, rice cakes pretzels; potato chips; corn chips
Seasonings and condiments homemade salad dressing and mayonnaise; pure spices and seasonings; pure beef or chicken broth soy sauce; Teriyaki sauce; some steak sauces; Worcestershire sauce; flavor enhancers; sandwich spreads
Beverages Cow’s milk; coffee; tea; fruit juices; carbonated beverages; vegetable juices coffee substitutes; drink mixes (like lemonades); beer; wine; vodka
Miscellaneous homemade soup; noodle soups made WITH soy-free noodles store bought soups; canned and dry mixes; noodle soups with soy; Tempe; Miso; soy nut butter (similar to peanut butter); some baby foods

Some non-food products containing soybean:


inks soap

crayons cosmetics

solvents resins

clothing plastics


Remember to read labels.  Items to look for on label are:

Vegetable broth                                    Hydrolyzed soy protein

Vegetable gum                                      Soy albumin Vegetable starch

Natural flavoring Hydrolyzed plant protein                  lecithin

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Textured vegetable protein (TVP)


For additional help and information go to: The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

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